West Coast Swing Beginner Intensive – Feb. 17th

Learn to dance West Coast Swing! One day mini-intensive from 2-5 pm. For the low price of $25/person or $45/leader-follower combo, spend 3 hours in a friendly beginner-oriented group lesson with Charlottesville’s own West Coast Swing instructor, Alyssa Gillespie. Alyssa is an accomplished dancer with years of experience teaching beginner-thru-advanced level dancers in many different styles of partner dance. She specializes in West Coast Swing instruction. As a professional dance instructor, Alyssa’s goal is to get students dancing confidently as soon as possible. She strives to develop confident, stylish, and well rounded dancers, while offering the most affordable rates. See this video of her in action.

Date: Saturday, February 17th
Place: Blue Light Ballroom,  1739-D Allied Street, Charlottesville
Cost: $25 per Person or $45 per Leader/Follower Combo

*Your participation in this Intensive qualifies you for $5 off your admission to the CSDS dance that night!

1:30-2:00 pm – Registration
2:00-5:00 pm – Intensive
5 pm – Q&A Session

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2) On Site – cash, check, PayPal and credit card payments welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions
1 – What is West Coast Swing? West Coast Swing is a close relative of Lindy Hop, which is what most people think of when you mention “Swing” Dance. While the dances share a lot of common aspects, the major difference would be the more bouncy feel of Lindy Hop and the smoothness of West Coast Swing. Another major difference between the two dances is the type of music; Lindy Hop is danced to much faster and in some scenes much older (Big Band Era) music, while West Coast Swing is danced to R&B, Blues and Hip Hop.
2 – Is West Coast Swing difficult to learn? Our instructor, Alyssa Gillespie, is great at making concepts easily understandable for anyone, whether they’ve been dancing since they could walk, or tripped while trying to walk and chew bubble gum on the way to the lesson. While West Coast Swing is not the easiest dance to learn, it is well worth the effort.
3 – Do I Need A Partner? No. Feel free to come alone or with a friend or loved one. Group lessons typically have the students rotating partners so that you get a sense of what the lead/follow feels like from many different dance partners. Rotating partners is not required. You can stay with the same partner throughout the lessons if you don’t feel comfortable dancing with people other than the person with whom you are attending the lesson.
4 – What Do I Wear? Social West Coast Swing is usually danced in the same type of clothing you would wear if you were going out to any other casual social event. Both Guys and Girl wear long pants (jeans or slacks your choice) and a light comfortable shirt. West Coast Swing is usually danced in suede soled shoes, but any comfortable shoe that doesn’t have too much grip or too high of a heel (Under 2 inches preferred) should work fine for West Coast Swing. The current fad in the West Coast Swing is both Men and Women wearing Toms.

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