The Magic of Dance by Terri Saunders

Dance is the union of music and movement. The rhythmic bodily motions inherent in dance are instinctive within all of us. Who hasn’t felt the impulse to move when listening to a song with a compelling beat, or the exhilaration of melting into the focused meditation of a  dance? Dance has been a part of human life throughout history across the globe and likely before there was even a word for it. At its essence, dance is a form of communication that was birthed from the human desire for personal expression and social connection. Primitive cultures employed dance as a… Continue reading

Don’t Be a Dance Bully by Terry Pratt

I offer this story to the dance community as an effort in “consciousness raising” about an important issue that can have a huge impact on any dancer, but especially on new dancers who don’t yet know what is proper and improper on the dance floor. As we try to encourage new dancers to join our community, an experience like the one I relate here can ruin the dance experience for them. We want every aspect of a new dancer’s experience to be positive. Here is the story, and my thoughts about how to make folks aware of how destructive “dance… Continue reading