Group Organizer for Dance Events

AdelaSu WSoSAdela Su is often the Group Organizer (tables, group dinners) for C-ville/Central VA dancers attending weekend events. Email her for more information.

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  1. Frank Procaccini

    Hello Adela,

    We are visiting the Charlottesville area from June 30 through July 4…

    Please can you tell us if there are dance events that we might enjoy and take advantage of as good dance opportunities …

    We are Swing Dancers from Connecticut and dance many Ballroom, Latin and Swing stlyles …

    Any dance that is happening on the dates we will attend in the Charlottesville area is something we will consider to attend….

    We hope to see you on the dance floor soon …

    Please send any info that will be helpful in pointing us in the right direction …

    Thanks … Frank

  2. Hi Frank,
    Here’s a link to our Facebook page which we are better at keeping up to date.
    So far this is what we have listed leading up to June 30.
    Dance Opportunities This Week*:
    Tuesday (6/27): WCS Lesson with Cathleen Rhodes @ Smooth Sailing Ballroom, 7-7:45 pm ($$)
    Wednesday (6/28): SwingCville’s Cats Corner, 7-8-8:45 pm Lessons, 8:45-10 pm Dancing ($$)
    Thursday (6/29): Swing Swap ~ June 29th at The Senior Center (guest hosts Jeff & Mary Rose!), 7:30-9 pm Dancing (Free!)
    Friday (6/30): Smooth Sailing Ballroom, 7-7:30-8 pm Lessons, 8-10 pm Dancing ($$)
    Friday (6/30): Terry Dean’s Blue Light Ballroom, 7:30-8:15-9 pm Lessons, 9-10:30 pm Dancing ($$)
    Check in later in the week to Facebook for an update on 6/30.
    Hope you enjoy your visit!

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