Charlottesville Swing Dance Society

Welcome to CSDS!

Charlottesville Swing Dance Society (CSDS) is a West Coast Swing dance club serving Charlottesville and the surrounding area.  Look here for info on the next dance or checkout the newsletter below.

Read the CSDS June Newsletter.

Attendees of all CSDS events are expected to be familiar with and abide by our Code of Conduct.

Next CSDS Dance – Sunday, June 27

CSDS plans to reopen with a vaccine only social dance on Sunday June 27th 4 – 7pm. We plan to host vaccine only Swing Swap in August. Registration will be required for all vaccine only events.

To be eligible to register, you must submit one-time proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Please submit proof of vaccination via email to We recommend covering up any personal information on the vaccination card other than your full name. We also encourage submitting proof of vaccination before registration opens so that you will be immediately eligible to register. For more information on our vaccine only event plan please review the CSDS vaccine only event FAQ which includes our masking policy, alternate options for providing proof of vaccination, hand hygiene and more.

  • Advanced registration required due to parking and attendance limits; carpooling encouraged.  You can self-organize here.
  • Vaccine only (show your vaccine card to CSDS Staff either in-person, by video, text or email). Masks are optional.
  • Early-bird registration for CSDS Members through June 13th.
  • Open registration for everyone June 14th – 20th.
  • Registration (including proof of vaccination) will be confirmed by CSDS Staff on a rolling basis. Email CSDS to register! Become a CSDS member here! Registration closes on June 20th or when we reach our attendance limit, whichever occurs first.
  • Bottled water will be provided; you are welcome to BYO refreshments (no alcohol).
  • Cost: Free!!
  • Location: you will be emailed the address the morning of June 27th; this should not be shared as we are at a private residence. In addition to the dance hall (wood floor, high ceilings, sliding glass doors and removable exterior wall), there is plenty of outdoor space (lawn, fire pit area) for relaxing and socializing.

Online Viewing Suggestions (for any online opportunities):

  1. For best viewing, watch on desktop/laptop/iPad. Most instructors are fine if you just watch but if possible have enough space to dance.
  2. Most instructors will provide a recording at the end of the session to send to attendees.  Ask permission before deciding to record on your own.
  3. Be prompt.  Many will have the virtual room open 15 minutes ahead of time but you may not be able to join if you are late.
  4. For best viewing of the instructor while they are giving the lesson, you’ll want to “pin video” of the instructor.
  5. You may be asked to turn OFF your video if the feed gets choppy. Otherwise, you are welcome to watch with your video on/off as you wish.
  6. For questions during the lesson, most prefer you use the chat feature. Otherwise, you can also click on the “Raise Hand” button if that option is available.  Be patient if there are many attendees as the moderator might not see the Raised Hand right away.
  7. During any Q&A portion, it’s best to mute yourself when you are not talking. If you wish to talk, un-mute yourself.