Swing Swap

Swing Swap Fall 2019
Swing Swap Fall 2019

QuaranSwing Connections

To help keep the our dance community connected during social distancing and shelter at home orders we would like to invite you to attend QuaranSwing Connections.  This is a Central VA virtual dance community weekly session held each Thursday from 7:30 – 8:30 pm EST.

These sessions are not designed to offer instruction but rather to provide a platform for our community to interact with each other. They will be held via Zoom with a different host moderating each week. The host will have the opportunity to structure the time how they’d like, whether that’s interviewing another community member, offering a Q&A session, going through YouTube videos, sharing their own practice/solo dance journey or new favorite quarantine recipe, etc. You can drop in/out as you wish and engage to your comfort level with video/audio turned on/off! The idea is to promote socialization and engagement within the community in order to preserve it.

For information on attending please see the QuaranSwing Connections page.

Swing Swap

Swing Swap is on hiatus until social distancing orders are relaxed and CSDS can safely resume dance events.

Swing Swap is the longest running WCS dance practice in Charlottesville. It is a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, where all levels are welcome and no partner needed. It’s a great place to meet others in our dance community!

Attendees of all CSDS events are expected to be familiar with and abide by our Code of Conduct.

Our eternal thanks to the Dynamic Duo of Lisa and Kevin, CSDS’ and Charlottesville’s dance ambassadors extraordinaire. They hosted Swing Swap for many years and welcomed dozens of new dancers to CSDS and the greater Charlottesville dance community. Their energy, enthusiasm and love for the dance will be missed.

CSDS is heartbroken over the passing of dancer Lisa Morales. Lisa was a well known and respected guidance counselor at Charlottesville High School as well as a long time CSDS member who, along with her partner Kevin Sumter, hosted Swing Swap and headed up our nominating committee for many years.

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