CSDS Board of Directors

The 2019-2020 CSDS Board of Directors

(L to R) Kyla Miller, Rob Tran, Gaia Read, Kristin Wenger, Ed Guida, Jim Naffin, Katie Bigelow, Adela Su.  Not pictured: Bonnie Strickler.

Ed Guida – President

Bonnie Strickler – Vice President

Jim Naffin – Treasurer

Gaia Read – Secretary

Katie Bigelow – Talent Coordinator

Kyla Miller – Website

Adela Su – Social Media

Robert Tran – Membership

Kristin Wenger – Volunteer Coordinator


The CSDS Board is assisted by a trusty stable of Helpers:

Lisa Morales:  Swing Swap 

Brian Muszynski:  Sound System 

June Taft:  Helper at Large 


Thank you to all of our Board of Directors and Helpers who give freely of their time on a volunteer basis, to keep our club running year after year, and who are responsible for putting on the club’s events!

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