CSDS Board of Directors

Board members are elected each October and begin serving a 1 year term beginning the following January.  The current CSDS board member are:

  • Ed Guida – President
  • Bonnie Strickler – Vice President
  • Jim Naffin – Treasurer
  • Gaia Read – Secretary
  • Katie Bigelow – Talent Coordinator
  • Kyla Miller – Website Administrator
  • Adela Su – Social Media Coordinator
  • Deidre Jennings – Membership Coordinator
  • Kristin Wenger – Volunteer Coordinator

The CSDS Board is assisted by a trusty stable of helpers:

  • Brian Muszynsk – Sound System
  • June Taft – Helper at Large

Thank you to all of our Board of Directors and helpers who give freely of their time on a volunteer basis, to keep our club running year after year, and who are responsible for putting on the club’s events!

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