CSDS Board of Directors

Thank you to Charlottesville Swing Dance Society Board of Directors
serving from April 2017 through March 2018!    

The Board (from left to right) Alyssa Gillespie, Ed Guida, April Northcutt, Mark DeBow, Bonnie Strickler, Rich Gullick and Christina Morton. (photo by Adela Su)

The Board of Directors are assisted by a trusty stable of Helpers: Allison Bennett, Beth DeBow, Wendy Frazer, Leon Gorman, Lisa Morales, Brian Muszynski, Billy Northcutt, Kim Perkins, Larry Saunders, Adela Su and June Taft. Thank you to all of these individuals who give freely of their time, on a volunteer basis, to put on our club’s dance events so that the rest of us can simply show up and have a good time. 

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