CSDS Board of Directors

The 2019-2020 CSDS Board of Directors


(L to R) Kyla Miller, Rob Tran, Gaia Read, Kristin Wenger, Ed Guida, Jim Naffin, Katie Bigelow, Adela Su.  Not pictured: Bonnie Strickler.


Ed Guida – President

Bonnie Strickler – Vice President

Jim Naffin – Treasurer

Gaia Read – Secretary

Katie Bigelow – Talent Coordinator

Kyla Miller – Website

Adela Su – Social Media

Robert Tran – Membership

Kristin Wenger – Volunteer Coordinator


The CSDS Board is assisted by a trusty stable of Helpers:


Lisa Morales:  Swing Swap 

Brian Muszynski:  Sound System 

June Taft:  Helper at Large 


Thank you to all of our Board of Directors and Helpers who give freely of their time on a volunteer basis, to keep our Club running year after year, and who are responsible for putting on the Club’s events!


Charlottesville Swing Dance Society (CSDS)

PO Box 4222 Charlottesville, VA  22905 





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